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Design Internships coming in 2024

During a talk I gave this year to the Design Society of UNSW University, I was asked what's the best way to secure an internship? It was a bit of a head scratcher because design internships aren’t that common any more. That’s when I found out that in order to graduate, design students often need to undertake an internship. Who knew?!

We get applications from design students for internships with us, but they’ve never articulated that it's a part of their degree’s syllabus. Equally, we’ve never heard from the universities that they require our help in creating time and space for these interns placements.

We're big believers in helping new design talent get started in their careers and now we know how we can help facilitate that. Next year we’ll be working on a plan to offer internships in semesters 1 and 2, more to details to come in 2024…


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