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One size does not fit all

We were recently asked by an industry publication to share our 2024 forecast on what retail design trends are surfacing. At first, it seemed like such an easy request, but as we drilled down on what to say, one thing became apparent - one size does not fit all with retail design.

Every project we work on arrives with its unique requirements, and often with an extensive list of stakeholders. General design trends like silhouettes or material palettes really don’t apply because it doesn’t matter what the colour of the year is, if it’s not the brand’s colour, then they’ll never use it.

Whilst there are definitely retail trends, like POS tech integration, the uptake of popular design movements sits within retail sub-sectors. What’s happening in the fashion, sports, homewares, tech, jewellery, finance and FMCG sectors is all nuanced, and interestingly, it’s their requirements that are steering the trends – art imitating life!


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