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Clutch my (Chanel) pearls

On our first day back at work, I was scrolling through my emails and this article made my jaw drop. 

CHANEL rarely speaks out, let alone with litigation. This article, Vogue Business, outlines some pretty major allegations:

"Chanel is accusing WGACA [What Goes Around Comes Around] of selling counterfeit goods and implying affiliation with the French luxury house via advertising and marketing materials. The brand alleges that WGACA has been selling counterfeit bags associated with stolen serial numbers that Chanel had voided; selling counterfeit bags with features not corresponding to authentic ones with legitimate serial numbers; and selling non-genuine Chanel items that were not made for sale by the brand, such as display-only items,"

If the ruling goes Chanel's way, I'm betting the global, billion dollar secondhand luxury-goods market is going to feel the impact. 


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