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Macro/Micro Craft/Culture Loci/Local Podcast

MACRO//MICRO | CRAFT//CULTURE | LOCI//LOCAL is a discussion of the importance of craft within Indigenous culture and the worldwide return to the relevance of craft post-Covid. An exploration of how this worldwide cultural shift might align to a deeper understanding and appreciation of Indigenous craft, and how this might inform a future Australian design direction.

In the lead-up to the DIA NAIDOC Week Nov 9 Forum, on behalf of the Design Institute of Australia, I spoke with four of the panellists about the importance of craft within indigenous culture & the worldwide return to the relevance of craft post-Covid.

The intention of this discussion is to deepen the understanding of the Indigenous design perspective for all Australian designers through discussion and sharing of knowledge.

‘Always was Always will be’ is the theme of Naidoc Week 2020 and is the phrase that has been used over decades by Indigenous peoples in recognition of the rich history, diverse cultures and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the oldest continuing culture on the planet. This a phrase that has been used in protest and as a declaration of the assertation of Indigenous occupation.

The phrase also reflects the understanding that cultural expression is deeply embedded within Indigenous culture, and the Indigenous design perspective is actively connected to the deep history of Indigenous occupation of this continent for millennia.

All four interviews are available now on Apple Podcasts:

Program partner: Laminex


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