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What’s in Store for ‘24?

The dynamic world of the retail industry is a vast landscape encompassing everything from standalone shops to chains, franchises, and licensees;  where trends take center stage within distinct sub-sectors. Here we shine a spotlight on the Sportswear, Luxury, and Quick-Service Restaurant (QSR) sectors, where an array of captivating trends is currently unfolding that are set to shape the visual landscape of these retail spaces in 2024.

  1. Sportswear Retail: From Grit to Lit

For years, stepping into a sportswear store felt like teleporting to a high school locker room. Cyclone wire, industrial accents, and dark ceilings dominated, mirroring the sweat and intensity of an athletic arena. But the game is changing. Sportswear retail is moving beyond the gym aesthetic, embracing a more neutral, welcoming vibe.

Why the shift? A few factors are at play. First, brands are breaking down gender barriers, catering to both men and women with equal enthusiasm. Second, the rise of women's professional sports leagues is demanding a shift away from the traditionally "masculine" sports store look.

So, say goodbye to the grungy gym vibes; blonde timbers, raw wood elements, and sleek plywood are taking center stage. These light, natural tones are complemented by the subtle elegance of exposed concrete walls and floors, their soft greys adding a touch of urban chic. Colored accents are used sparingly, allowing the brand's apparel and visual merchandising to truly shine.

This evolution isn't just a superficial makeover; it reflects a deeper understanding of today's sports consumer. People want their shopping experience to be both stylish and functional, where the focus is on performance and wellbeing rather than raw intensity. By adopting a clean, contemporary aesthetic, sportswear stores are creating inviting spaces that resonate with a broader audience, while still staying true to the core values of athletics.

  1. Luxury Retail: The Opposing Faces of Opulence 

The luxury retail scene is a stage where trends strut their stuff, and social media now holds the spotlight. This year, two distinct, but opposing luxury retail design trends have emerged -  quiet elegance and in-your-face flamboyance. 

  •  Quiet Elegance 

Think of the TV shows"Morning Wars" and "Succession" – power players who don't shout about their wealth. Their fashion focuses on quality materials and impeccable craftsmanship, a philosophy now translating to store design.

Picture palettes stripped bare, letting the quality reign supreme. Think sleek shelves and solid timber panels, wool carpets sinking underfoot and textured linen walls screaming elegance. 

  • In-your-face Flamboyance

Then there's the other side of luxury – the one blasting celebrity collaborations from every chandelier. Here, stores become extravagant backdrops for an opulent drama. Monochromatic palettes dive headfirst into bold hues, while shag rugs tiptoe the line between plush and outrageous. Beveled glass glitters under crystal chandeliers, and excess becomes the anthem. This isn't just a tale of two trends; it's a question of identity. 

Quick-Service Restaurants (QSR): Serving Up Delivery and Tech Efficiency

The Australian QSR scene, battered by COVID and lockdowns, is reimagining its spaces to thrive in the now, new normal. With delivery still booming, brands are redesigning the customer journey to cater to both dine-in and on-the-go patrons. Here's how:

  • Two's Company, Three's (Delivery Driver) a Crowd: Out with the one-size-fits-all POS counter. In come dedicated areas or separate walk-up options for delivery drivers, streamlining service without dine-in customers getting caught in the pick-up rush.

  • Tech to the Rescue: Labour shortages? No problem. QSRs are embracing self-service kiosks, networked touchscreens, and real-time order tracking displays. This tech symphony not only eases staffing woes but also empowers customers with control over their orders.

  • Sightlines and Signposts: Clear sightlines to screens and intuitive signage become paramount. Fixture design must integrate hardware and cabling seamlessly.

Remember, it's not just about food anymore. It's about creating efficient, tech-driven spaces that cater to the diverse needs of the post-pandemic QSR experience.

As the retail experience constantly evolves, get ready for the next chapter in shopping: 2024 is packed with game-changing retail trends unlikely to disappoint. 


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