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What we did when the SCMP told us money was no object?

What did we do when the SCMP told us money was no object?

Earlier this year, we were asked by the South China Morning Post to create a room for the Style Spend It column, where money is no object. At first it sounded like an easy thing to do, until we started to really examine what really is a luxury room, that we don’t already have a semblance of, eg, we all have a kitchen, is it really enough to upscale it to a lavish standard? At what point would you transfer the money over to just getting your own chef?!

When we got the Spend It brief, we were living in Hong Kong, where space is tight, so that was front of mind when we were brainstorming what to create. We’re both car-lovers and we love watching Formula 1, but every race-day Sunday was spent trying to enjoy watching patchy coverage of the race, in our little lounge room. Sure, the next step up could be to fly to the race to watch it, but everyone knows watching the race on TV is always better, and who has the time to fly to see 22 races a year?!

That’s when we started thinking about what is the best way to watch a race at home? Feeling like you’re in Monaco, on a yacht, of course! Then, for added car-mania, we installed a racing simulator that pops up from under the deck, because after watching a race, you inevitably think, I wonder how hard it is to drive one of those machines. The simulator caters for that whim.

One the best perks of this F1 dream room is the access to Liberty Media’s cameras. Sometimes coverage of the great sport can be tainted by a bias producer and you end watching the top three racing for the whole race, when the fight for seventh and eighth is way more exciting. Being able to control what you see elevates the excitement and takes you that much further into feeling involved in the race.

Creating a dream room, where money is no object was a great brief because it pushes you to really rethink what it is you really want, and you can’t rely on blaming a lack of money as the restriction.


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